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Article: Bridal Pearl Jewelry

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Bridal Pearl Jewelry

Bridal Pearl

By May Yeates

The Wedding is among the most memorable and treasured instances in the life of husbands and wives. This is day one of their life as a couple and they should enjoy it totally. Jewelry plays a big part of the custom and no groom will disagree if we say that they want their chosen bride to use charming and precious gemstones while walking down the aisle, trading I do’s and loving kisses. We asked several planners and brides and these are their suggestions:

Ask for others’ opinion

There are other things to consider proper care of prior to the wedding itself like counseling, shopping, checking out for the ideal venue, church and reception. Since the bride, groom and wedding planner/planners are rather busy, we have to seek others’ opinions - more specifically from family members and friends. This should help them choose what variety of bridal pearl jewelry sets they could wear on that special day.

Inherited jewelry

There are wedding practices that every family follows and one of them is sharing or handing down wedding items to the next family member to be married. This consists of the wedding dress, coins, cords, and veil and most especially inherited jewelry like ring, necklace and ivory pearl wedding earrings. It makes the bride or groom feel they are welcome and without a doubt part of the family.


As everyone knows, weddings are among the most expensive events that we show up due to the number of attendants, various other expenses like photo and video coverage. The venue, dress, food and so much more are prioritized as opposed to expensive jewelry. We ought to think about these aspects first before determining what kind of bridal pearl jewelry set would fit in our budget.

Wedding Motif

There are some pearl wedding jewelry sets that are not easy to match with the motif of the wedding. The most prevalent motif is white and it is easy to complement pearls. Having said that, for colored motifs like silver, gold, blue, blue-green, yellow, black, red and pink (that follows white as the most common motif) there should be specific jewelry to wear. For Gold motifs, you will find pearls called “Pipi” pearls which are gold in color, “Keshi” pearls for silver and for other motifs you can choose between freshwater pearl bridal jewelry and for some a combination of pearl and crystal wedding jeweler that could match your chosen color.

Where to find

There are plenty of choices to choose from, you'll find fabulous bridal pearl jeweler sets in auctions, jewelry stores, bridal stores and almost anywhere, but we should always look for the guidelines above. Some jewelry sets are created, produced and designed abroad and it takes a while before arriving.

What to decide

It should be resolved between the groom, bride, consultants or planners and the rest of the members of the family. We have various tastes with regards to class, glamour, and simplicity and we ought to be always open for others’ opinions.

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