COVID-19 Announcement | ÇHANELIA

COVID-19 Announcement

Up to this moment, we are continuing our services while taking serious precautions. We are USPS partners and we are both working together for shipm...

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Galentine's Day Parties | ÇHANELIA

Galentine's Day Parties

Ah, Valentine's Day. That day in February, where we profess our love for someone. We send flowers, we give cards and gifts, and it's a day where lo...

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Jewelry Gift Meaning | ÇHANELIA

Jewelry Gift Meaning

In today’s day and age, it’s not enough to buy a nondescript bracelet or necklace for a loved one. Luckily, the perfect piece of jewelry is only a ...

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Bridal Pearl Jewelry | ÇHANELIA

Bridal Pearl Jewelry

Listed here are some tips, other available choices, and guidelines to take into account in choosing the correct and perfect bridal pearl jewelry se...

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The History of Rings | ÇHANELIA

The History of Rings

During the Medieval period is when rings became popular. All classes of people wore rings from the poorest to the richest. Rings were typically mad...

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