Compression Socks Size

Compression socks are great! And no, they are not just for grandmothers... By using compression socks when traveling, working in the office, standing, etc., you could gain comfort and reduce the risk of some health issues in the legs. You may also perform better if using compression socks while working out. And they can also be used for faster recovery after training. But what size should you choose? Let us help you...

Compression Sock

How to Measure?

Measure Calf Girth: Use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference around your leg (calf) at the fullest point. Use measurement (in inches or cm) combined with your shoe size (US or EU) to determine compression sock size from our Compression Socks Size Chart below.

Note: Compression socks shall fit tight, but not be uncomfortable wearing. Sizes in the size chart below will fit most brands, but maybe not all.

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