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Article: How to Look Polished in a Jumpsuit

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How to Look Polished in a Jumpsuit

Hey there friends! I’ve never been shy of a jumpsuit, and there are all sorts of reasons why I love them. They always seem to come in such pretty colors and fabrics, they are flattering, and they’re so much more practical than a skirt and a top combo. However, as much as I love them, I know they can be a little tricky to wear without looking sloppy, so I wanted to share some tips that have helped me to not only rock my style but to rock yours, too.

1) Know Your Size

A jumpsuit will look different on everyone depending on their body shape, so make sure you find the one that compliments your shape. If you are curvy, go for one that is more open in the bust and includes a jacket or blazer. Those who are slim choose a jumpsuit with a sheath cut that accentuates your back and waist.

2) Plan Your Day Ahead

When should you wear a jumpsuit? We're glad you asked! A jumpsuit is a glamorous, timeless piece that can be worn in just about any occasion. These beauties always offer a bold, stylish option. You can wear them to weddings with your crop top showing, for the office in a work-appropriate dress, and even on vacation! No matter what your next social event is, dress to impress with a jumpsuit!

Date Night

Wear a jumpsuit on a date. I've found my new favorite fashion staple, the jumpsuit. It was like love at first sight with this one-piece garment. I love how it makes me look as if I have a waist. The best part is how this piece can be worn with anything! A jumpsuit is a perfect choice for a date night. Wear'em and show your date what you got!

A jumpsuit is a great way to avoid the dreaded outfit dilemma when you want to look effortlessly cute for your date night. It is also a very functional wardrobe choice. You could even wear a jumpsuit on a date night if you feel sick and don't want to do the dishes. LOL.

Office Day

I find that when I'm in a jumpsuit, I feel like I can be myself in a way that I can't in a dress. Perhaps it's because you want to be relaxed and not feel like you've spent hours getting ready. Or maybe it's because you're comfortable enough to do whatever activity it is that you enjoy doing.

This garment is perfect for a high-powered business meeting, lunch with colleagues, and networking parties. You'll be well-prepared for any fashion emergency with the help of a jumpsuit!

Party Day Yay!

Jumpsuits are no longer just for lazy Sundays; they're for parties too. I wore a jumpsuit to a party last week and felt so chic. Imagine how serene and carefree you would feel if you wore a jumpsuit to a party. You could wear it to any event, even a casual get-together with friends, and you'll still look super stylish.


A jumpsuit is such a perfect option for the church - with a nice, modest neckline, you can leave your hair down and have a little fun with your makeup (try this eye makeup tutorial to amp up your look). Plus, the zipped-up waist keeps everything in place. Another perk? You can wear adorable but more dressy shoes. So go ahead - wear a jumpsuit to church this week and be wise about your style.

3) Accessorize it

First off, let's start with the belt. A belt can make or break your outfit and can give it that extra edge. You don't have to wear an expensive belt, you can find one at great prices in our belt collection. Next up is jewelry; go with a simple necklace or earrings.

Throw on a jumpsuit with your favorite statement earrings. For this sophisticated occasion, throw on a statement necklace that coordinates with your earrings. Choose a pair of heels or sandals to complete your look. Make your wear look extra special with any of these fashionable accessories!

You can’t go wrong with accessorizing your attire with a classic watch and statement earrings. To show off your chic jumpsuit with accessories, try pairing a statement necklace or bracelet with a long, elegant watch. Let your confidence go wild.

Sum it up

Jumpsuits are awesome! They're so versatile and easy to put on that you'll find yourself wearing them for any and all occasions. What's more, they're easy to pack. Whether you're sweltering in summer or freezing in winter, a jumpsuit can be your wardrobe's best friend. The only downside, really, is that they're not the most flattering.

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