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Article: College Class Rings | Discover Your Trend

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College Class Rings | Discover Your Trend

By: Mike Daniels

Since the times when rings were created, people have worn them for a great variety of reasons; they have been symbols of different events, things and feelings. The college class ring stands for one's unique accomplishment during university years and embodies a lifelong connection between a person, their classmates and university.

College rings have a long and rich tradition. They first appeared 150 years ago and were worn by the cadets of the U.S. Military Academy. These first college rings had a very strange design: a book with a sword driven through it, showing the class' contempt (this emblem was first used by Voltaire to express his hostility to the Bible). Later these rings were replaced by gold signet ones with the years of graduation and school insignia engraved. During the World War II college rings came into fashion all over the country and were worn by trendies from different American colleges. There also appeared a custom among students, who went out together, to exchange their rings (he put it on a finger, while she wore it around a neck). After the War most American universities picked up this tradition, what reinforced it and made it an American cultural mainstay.

Nowadays, being all the rage, college class rings are available in a great variety of designs and styles, s o you are sure to find a ring to your liking. You may choose an intricate and elaborate an elegant and handcrafted, or even an avant-garde ring either with a small, delicate stone or with a huge, shimmering gem. Besides, you may select from precious and non-precious metals. The most common of them are platinum, yellow or white gold, silver or lustrium. As regards metal finish some graduatesfavor Antique Finish (it shows the contrast between the fine detail of your ring and a dark background); others prefer Natural Finish (it accentuates the glint of your gold ring).

On the whole, college rings are divided into traditional, signet and fashion rings. Though regardless of the style, they all are usually studded with artificial or g enuine stones, and those can be ofa Facet or Smooth cut.

Depending on the gem and the cut you've chosen, there are various stone effects available. Encrusting rings are those with a symbol or a personal letter inscribed withgold, which is deeply embedded into your stone. It looks better on dark and only smooth gems. Encrusting can't be used with other effects such as Sundance or Astralight. Astralightrings give the illusion of a rainbow beneath the stone, while Sundance ringsgive the illusion of rays. The both latter effects can be found both on smooth and faceted gems.

You may also create a unique college class ring by engraving your personal information into the inside of it. The most common inscriptions are graduation year, degree, initials or full name. There are also Curriculum Panels available, which includes symbols of your curriculum or major.
There is a great variety of college class ring styles and designs on the market. You will definitely pick out a ring that will be an extension of who you are; a ring, that will express your individuality and reflect your personal features, and at the same time embodies the traditions and symbols of your university, making your experience last forever.

Author Bio
This article submitted by Mike Daniels, the jewelry industry specialist.

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