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Article: How to buy a gift during Coronavirus?

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How to buy a gift during Coronavirus?

If you're reading this, you're probably on your way to buying a gift for your loved ones, especially on the upcoming mother's day. But you're also probably freaked out about getting the package on time due to worldwide courier delays.

Çhanelia makes it easy for you. In this article, you'll be learning how to:

  1. Buy gifts online.
  2. Get the package on time.
  3. Prevent Coronavirus infection.

1. Buying Gift Online

Buy gifts online with Çhanelia

Woohoo! Your loved ones should be so proud of you for even thinking about sending them a gift on the upcoming event. Whether it was a jewelry gift from Çhanelia or a Multiflora Rose from your local florist, you're on your way to making someone happy.

But wait, buying online during these hard times may be complex and confusing. Relax! We here at Çhanelia are taking good care of our packages during this pandemic. From sanitizing to social distancing, we can minimize the risk of infections and delays caused by this virus. 

Yes, there are expected delays on some packages during to courier related actions that none of us can say a thing about, but one way of handling this shipping mysteries these days is partnering with Route. Route is a worldwide shipping insurance company that insures, protects, and track all your packages that are bought from Çhanelia. No more worries about delays, loss, and theft. If there was anything wrong or faulty with your package, you can easily file a claim on their website and get your money back.

2. Getting the Package on time

Contacltess Delivery - Çhanelia

Along with Route, we here at Çhanelia post updated cut-off times on placing orders for near events. For example, as for mother's day, the cut-off time to buy jewelry gifts from Çhanelia is May 5th, 2020. This way, we ensure to send your package almost on time.

Cool, but how can I track my order? Well, we've got three options to track your package with:

  1. Route app. Aside from protecting your package; Route lets you track all your packages in one single app. Learn more.
  2. Arrive app. A seamless way of monitoring your domestic packages is using our partner app, Arrive. Learn more.
  3. Aftership. Track your packages while also being able to request refunds and exchanges all in one place. Track now.

3. Preventing Infection

Precautions for Coronavirus - Chanelia

We here at Çhanelia, are taking the Coronavirus seriously as we want to protect our employees and customers from the potential risk of getting the infection. We, as a result, notify you (unless reported otherwise) that we are continuing our services in countries where deliveries are allowed.

Safety is our priority, so we are taking more extensive procedures on implementing a safe, bacteria-free workplace. That includes but not limited to:

  • Washing hands more often.
  • Sterilization and disinfection procedures on all our jewelry and packages.
  • Cleaning the workplace with official sanitizer products before leaving the workplace.
  • Report any symptoms that are related to the virus.
  • Call-in and stay home if you have any related symptoms, and call 911.

So, there are expected delays, no? Up to this moment, we are continuing our services while taking severe precautions. We are USPS partners, and we are both working together for shipment and deliveries up until any official announcements of business shutdowns. Our customers can still order our jewelry online as usual. Still, it's possible to expect some delays as we sanitize our jewelry and take immediate precautions.


While the whole world is going to uncertainty during this pandemic, we won't let it be in the way between expressing and spreading your love to your closest people and family. With the above precautionary steps, your package is safe and is expected to be delivered on time.

Hey! Don't forget to check out our mother's day jewelry collection. We have a set of message cards that will let your loved ones fall for you even more. View here.

Happy shopping from our team at Çhanelia, and together, we can beat this pandemic.

Disclaimer: we neither are a healthcare agency nor our tips, cautions, and advice are claimed by any legal and governmental health departments. The information above is only for awareness purposes. If you want more information about the COVID-19, please click here.


I’m really glad about how you are handling your business. Others just seem not to care about customers. Great article.

Juan M.

Very useful information as always.

Clarence M.

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