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Article: COVID-19 Announcement

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COVID-19 Announcement

We here at ÇHANELIA, are taking the COVID-19 (CORONA VIRUS) seriously as we want to protect our employees and customers from the potential risk of getting the infection. We hereby notify you (unless reported otherwise) that we are continuing our services in the countries that deliveries are allowed by their respective border controls and delivery carriers.

Workplace and Employees

Safety is our priority, so we are taking more extensive procedures on implementing a safe, bacteria-free workplace. That includes but not limited to:

  • Washing hands more often.
  • Sterilization and disinfection procedures on all our jewelry and packages.
  • Cleaning the workplace with official sanitizer products before leaving the workplace.
  • Report any kind of symptoms that are related to the virus.
  • Call-in and stay home if you have any related symptoms, and call 911.


Up to this moment, we are continuing our services while taking serious precautions. We are USPS partners and we are both working together for shipment and deliveries up until any governmental announcements of business shutdowns. Our customers can still order our jewelry online as usual, but it's possible to expect some delays as we sanitize our jewelry and take immediate precautions.


While it is so important to take serious actions to prevent the virus from spreading, we also want to spread love and joy amongst the people who are not able to buy gifts for their loved ones in-store. So we hereby take the chance to continue offering our deliveries on all our jewelry where allowed. If you need more details about whether your state is allowing deliveries or not, check your local state website.

Happy shopping from our team at ÇHANELIA, and together, we can beat this pandemic.


Disclaimer: we neither are a healthcare agency nor our tips, cautions, and advice are claimed by any legal and governmental health departments. The information above is only for awareness purposes. If you want more information about the COVID-19, please click here.

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